Elementary small group videos

June 9th – Miracle #1 – Water into Wine



June 16th – Miracle #2: Jesus Calms the Storm



June 23rd – Miracle #3:  Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man



July 7th – Miracle #4: Jesus feeds the 5,000



July 21st – Miracle #5: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead



July 28th – Miracle #6:  Jesus Heals a man born blind


Jr. High Small Group videos

 June 9-Life: Is this it? (20:59)

June 16-Jesus: Who is He? (23:45)

June 23-Cross: Why did Jesus die? (22:43)

July 7-Faith: How can I have faith? (23:02)

July 14-Prayer: How and Why do I pray? (21:01)

July 28-Bible: Why and How do I read the Bible? (20:39)