March 27, 2020
Greetings Church!
Just wanted to give our weekly update on church services/activity in light of the current coronavirus situation…
All mid-week events/activity in the church continues to be canceled until further notice.  This includes small groups, meetings, Bible studies, music practices, Day Care etc.
As for Sunday worship, we will continue to upload the teaching content of our Sunday service online through our church website (https://www.bellevuefumc.com/ and click “Sermons” tab at the top of the webpage).  Our sanctuary will remain open during normal worship times (9-11:30am) for anyone who may need a place of sanctuary during these uncertain times as religious communities and essential businesses remain exempt from the “stay at home” current state policy (yes, as long as Walmart is open, we’ll be open 😊), though we do ask you to follow the safety precautions upon entering the building which will be posted on the outside doors of the church.  Justin plans on being at the church during that time to talk, pray, and lead in Scripture discussion (which will be similar to the online content on the website) for any who would find that helpful.  Please use personal discretion; as you know your age, risk, immunities best to make that personal decision!
As your pastor, I encourage you to keep to a rhythm of weekly worship even if that looks different for the time being.  Especially in times like these we need to be reminded of who God is, who I am, and that this life is not all there is to life–all of which weave together in true worship.  So worship even when times are rough–God’s worth it, and you need it!!!
Missing seeing you all!
BONUS:  I came across this short article as I was brushing up on some of my church history and how the church has responded to plagues in the past.  I found it helpful to remember this isn’t uncharted territory for the church through the ages, and I pass along for your perusal if you’d like.  The link is below…