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What Should I Do When I Don’t Know What To Do?

March 22, 2020

What is the most Courageous thing you have ever done?

March 15, 2020

Resurrection Connection-Lazarus: A Preview of Easter

March 15, 2020
Dave Broski fills in for Pastor Justin this week. Watch for Denny Dendinger's sermon following later.

A Look Back Sabbath Rest

January 5, 2020

God’s Love in the Garden

November 24, 2019

VBS Verse – Hebrews 4:1-16

July 14, 2019

Just Average Guys

June 30, 2019

What’s God Building?

April 28, 2019

Good Friday Community Worship

April 19, 2019
Please download the bulletin file so that you can follow the various speakers and Bible passages.

Snow Day!!!

January 20, 2019
Due to the snow storm and all counties under a Level 3 driving ban, there was no formal sermon today. I would recommend that you go back a couple of…